Filling a Home with Artwork

Filling a Home with Artwork

Some gorgeous artwork went home today. Two images printed on a standout mount, ready to hang in the clients home, along with a wooden print box filled with a 5X7 print of each of the final 40+ images from their session. The wooden box looks gorgeous out on a table or book case and makes it easy for your family and friends to look through the images. Having family photos around the home boosts the self esteem of the child, making them feel important and loved. It also provides great conversation for guests and family.






Family – Downtown Arlington Heights

Family – Downtown Arlington Heights

I have been lucky enough to photograph these girls for the past few years. I met them when there was only three little blonde beauties and now there are five. This session went amazingly well and seamless.

Last session I had with them, their third daughter was the baby. This session she was anything but the baby, she was a proud big sister helping with the twins and boasting with pride the whole time. It is great to watch my families grow and I can’t wait to see the great relationship these girls develop over time.












Little Sister – Mount Prospect Photographer

Little Sister – Mount Prospect Photographer

The entire session was brought about by this first image. Mom and Dad wanted to make sure they got this image up and in their home when their little girl was one. It wasn’t the nicest day and rain kept turning on and off during our session time. However we were able to create the family portrait images needed for their home and to give out to family. We headed to the Friendship Conservatory in Mount Prospect in order to keep the location close for the family and pretty for their backdrop.

This is the result of having three older brothers in addition to your Dad and his Police Dog.

She is one very loved, very protected and very lucky little girl.






Lifestyle Family Photography Artwork – Palatine

Lifestyle Family Photography Artwork – Palatine

Mom and Dad wanted a variety of portraits that capture their happy family at this stage of life. They wanted to be able to walk by them everyday in their home and they had a blank wall that was just asking for some artwork. So portraits of their family seemed the perfect fit. This is where I come in!

We met at their local neighborhood park in Palatine for their photography session. This was a place the family spends a lot of time at every week, if not every day! Their daughter loves the park. She also loves hopping, marching, running and does an impressive amount of animal sounds and impressions. We captured a ton of images and then headed to the park to finish out our session. Click here to see some images from their session.

After the session when Mom came in for the viewing, it was (as it can be) difficult to narrow down the favorite images to put on the wall. This is the time many clients wonder if their are any other walls or rooms or inches of free space in their life that they can add more of the images from their session! We ended up narrowing down the list to four of her favorite images which she loved in square format (I did too!). I think she did a fabulous job selecting and can’t wait to see them up on their walls.


The image above is the clients phone picture of her blank space. My software program allows my clients to virtually place images on to her wall, allowing the client to really see what the photographs will look like in her home.  Seeing them here is helpful and I am glad that I can offer this to clients, but the really happiness is when you pick up your images, hold them and put them on your walls. They look gorgeous in print. This family chose a standout which takes the photographic print and mounts it to a foam board which allows your image to standout from the wall. These do not require additional framing and are light weight, which is often a bonus to families with young children.