Chicagoland Photogapher – Family Portraits

Chicagoland Photogapher – Family Portraits

Chicagoland Family Photographer

I will always tell couples 2 pieces of advice with wedding photography. That advice lends itself to all photography; newborn, first birthday, lifestyle, studio, portrait, outdoor, sunset sessions, milestone…. you get the picture. Your photographer ends up being a big part of that time. You spend a lot of time getting ready, picking out clothing, blocking out time from busy schedules and in some cases, like weddings, this time cannot be recreated.

My two pieces of advice:

1. Make sure they not only love their photographers work but that they enjoy working with and being around their photographer. They are around you ALL day.¬† Aside from weddings, your photographer is still around you for a long time. With newborns, they will be close to you for a few hours. And you need to trust them with that new life. If the kiddos love having them over or heading to their studio, that’s a HUGE plus, because it is now fun to see the photographer and they are comfortable with them.

2. Make sure your photographer is aiding and providing you long term preservation and display of your images. Please inquire about the details of the album provided for your wedding, or products for any session. An image is only as good as the paper it is printed on and today we can add the proper care of the digital file. Imagine going to a favorite gourmet restaurant, you order their signature dish and they throw you the box of ingredients. Yes, the ingredient selection is important but unless you are a skilled chef, and honestly unless you are THAT skilled chef, it will not taste the same. Sometimes it just doesn’t taste the same if you don’t eat in their fabulous atmosphere.

Part of your photographers job is to provide their knowledge of proper display and proper output methods.I would rather see less professional work done per family at a higher quality. We all have phones in our pockets now for the other stuff.

It’s an honor to watch a family grow and get to know them. I know I am doing a good job when I get invited by the kids to stay for dinner and when they are sad to see our session end.

Chat with your photographer on the phone, or if you are looking at hiring me, I love a reason to meet up at the local coffee shop. I also will stop by clients homes to help with the daunting task of picking out clothing for the session as well as ideas on where to consider placing their portraits, because that is overwhelming.

See this families images on the wall in their own home here.


Best Friends – Des Plaines, IL

Best Friends – Des Plaines, IL

Best Friends for 9 months, the proof is in the photos.

Little J and his best buddies. They look out for him, clean up after him and play with him.

If you look close, you can see their first photo together hanging just above on the right. His favorite friends giving kisses when he was a newborn. This image shows the importance of their relationship over the last 9 months as well the importance of hanging images in your home. Little J gets to see all of his favorite people every day holding him close as his grows up. And Mom and Dad get some super cute artwork to enjoy everyday ūüôā

Enjoy your photos on more then just your phone! Contact me today to make sure you get your own family in your home to enjoy for years.


Family Lifestyle Photography Session – Palatine Park

Family Lifestyle Photography Session – Palatine Park

I was asked to head out to Palatine and meet this wonderful family at their neighborhood park for their photography session. Being 18 months, this little girl kept all of us moving. She was very comfortable here at this park because she spends so much time here. I love photographing families and kids in locations where they are comfortable for two reasons. The first is easy, everyone does better being photographed naturally when they are comfortable. The second is because I think the images mean so much more years down the road when you say explain about what the place means to you.

This park will be a great memory for the family down the road, making these images even more valuable.



















Family Lifestyle Session  – Northwest Chicago Suburbs Photography

Family Lifestyle Session – Northwest Chicago Suburbs Photography

This age is all about parks. I miss the days when I would pack a lunch and head to the park where my kids would be entertained for hours. I enjoyed watching their imaginations turn wood chips into water, sandboxes into fossil digs and play sets into ships. Here is the age when going up the slide is more fun then going down and where you like to show off your upside down swinging abilities.

It seemed appropriate to head to a park by Grandma’s where we could play and document the lifestyle of a young family. They were very happy in this environment and had lots to show off during the session!