Learning to use a DSLR camera: Camera Basics

Des Plaines Photography Class:

This weekend some women joined me to learn how to use understand and use their DSLR cameras. My goal was for each of them to leave knowing the three components on their camera that allow them to produce a proper exposure. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO were gone over in depth and then we located each control on their camera. 

By the end of class, everyone was practicing using their cameras and I think a little excited to take them home and start practicing. Looking forward to seeing what they create. 

Learning, chatting and practicing Saturday morning 8:30-9:30am. 

If you have a camera and you wonder what all the controls are or it sits on a shelf because it is too intimidating… join me for my next basic camera class, located in Des Plaines. 



Des Plaines Photography Class

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