I use my iPhone a lot. Why? Because it is in my pocket.

Sometimes it is honestly just because I am too lazy to go get my camera when I know the iPhone image will do just fine for this situation. Sometimes it is because I don’t want my camera on a canoe or by sand. Sometimes I would rather just enjoy the moment.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to remember the moment. After a camping trip or a day at the beach, around Chicago or on a canoe I must to print out something to remember our adventure. I started using Social Print Studio years year ago. What I really love is the app. That is the main reason I started using them. It was so easy I continued. They have magnets (I am a magnet lover) and photo strips (which make great Snapchat filter prints!) as well as framed prints.

Here are some of them on my fridge:


Because I only have so much room for magnets and prints, I make books. I will follow this up this post soon with some easy book making sites from your camera photos.

We  have photo books from every trip and vacation.

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