In the past few weeks I have had a lot of people approach me and confess that their family portrait is either very out dated, doesn’t include their last child or that they have never had one. Each family explaining how they want to get a new portrait done, how they keep meaning to look into it and how they need to schedule something.

I find that today’s hectic schedules are partially to blame. And for some it seems so daunting to schedule a session, get prints made, find the right clothing or find a day that works for everyone in their family. I encourage anyone who falls in this category to go through your closets and find simple clothing, no need to go shopping, just pick out some simple colors. Just stay away from logos, crazy designs and make sure no one shirt will over power any of the other shirts. The focus is on the subjects faces and expressions so clothing can be kept simple.

Then find 20 minutes on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon and come out to Busse Woods for a quick 20 minute session. After that everything is done online at your convenience. Three weeks after the session you can be putting your portraits on your bookshelf or wall and handing out prints to update grandparents frames. It might even be a good idea to keep these a secret and use for Christmas presents!

Had over to and click Book a Fall Session to read about the details and find availability. Last minute sessions can be booked so if you end up with a free Sunday afternoon, bring the kids or family out.

Pets are family too! They are always welcome to come out as well.

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